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British Pakistanis and Pakistan: 21st century citizenship and diasporas

The RSA, The Samosa and City University London’s second event in their series exploring the complex and intimate relationships between Pakistan, Britain and the Pakistani diaspora in the UK.

Acclaimed journalist and author Anatol Lieven joined a distinguished panel to discuss the relationship between Britain, Pakistan, and the British Pakistani diaspora. Do Westminster’s political and media networks engage sufficiently with the national British Pakistani community? Has the Prevent strategy resulted in the alienation of British Pakistani young people, and if so, how can more positive opportunities be created? Have the negative news reports and media narratives surrounding the conflicts in Pakistan and neighbouring Afghanistan effected community relations in Britain?

The panel discussion featured Anatol Lieven, author of ‘Pakistan A Hard Country’; Jahan Mahmood, historian specialising in the role of Muslim soldiers who served in the British military; Anwar Akhtar, director, The Samosa; Rubia Dar, journalist, Pakistan International Peoples Association (PIPA); Zachary Latif, PIPA; Dr Max Malik, doctor, author of Butterfly Hunter and winner of the Brit Writers Award.

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