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Afghan occupation illegal under international law: Mullah Omar

By Dawn
May 21  2012



KABUL: The head of Afghan Taliban, Mullah Mohammad Omar declared the withdrawal of French forces as a “realistic decision.”

In a statement released, Omar also said the decision is as a reflection of the French people’s opinion. ”The declaration of the new president of France, Francois Hollande, that all its troops will be removed from Afghanistan at the end of this year is a decision based on realities and a reflection of the opinion of its nation,” he said.

“Terrorism and ground realities had nothing in common. No Afghan had a hand in military operations in other countries and neither are there any proofs hence the occupation of Afghanistan by America is neither sound legally or logically,” said Mullah Omar.

Referring about a TV survey in US, Omar said that 69 per cent Americans want evacuation of US forces from Afghanistan. He also warned Nato against imposing any solution upon the Afghan people.

“The occupation of Afghanistan by America through the use of force is a clear violation of a sovereign state which is not justified under any international law,” said the Afghan Taliban leader.

He also accused the United States of having “secret prisons inside all of their airbases in Afghanistan where they keep innocent Afghans.”

Originally published by Dawn Pakistan

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