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Our Sovereignty and we

By Asad Ur Rehman
July 3rd 2012




Sovereignty is the ability of having ultimate autonomous authority over a geographic area. By books sovereignty is only limited to geographic area whereas in my view it is quiet vast and covers all national and international sectors and areas. From education to governance, from media to judiciary, from economy to national policies and to armed forces.

Infect sovereignty is required in every walk of life and on individual and national level. Since independence Pakistan is suffering from one dilemma and that is sovereignty. Though our puppet like political leaders and dictators kept on saying that Pakistan is a sovereign country and we are a sovereign nation but in reality facts are much different.

In terms of territorial integrity we were always told that we are sovereign and no one can look at us with bad intention but those were just false commitments. We lost a part of Pakistan, 90,000 of our soldiers get jailed in India, U.S used us against Russia, Taliban and insurgents developed their bases in Pakistan, drones enter in our territory and attack our people, terrorists attack and kill us and, U.S forces conducted operation in Abbotabad without our will, Nato forces attack and kill our soldiers in our soil and after all these and other events we were declared as sovereign nation and our country as sovereign country. Baluchistan, KPK, Sindh and Punjab are burning and we are sovereign. Infect after every drastic event all of our political and military leadership tried to make us realize that there was no negligence of them and Pakistan is a sovereign country and all measures will be taken to protect its sovereignty.

Our economy is suffering and is being run by IMF, World Bank and donors from last 60 years and we are under trillions of rupee debts and yet we are sovereign.

We don’t have a proper education system and whole system is based on classed education system with different educational facilities and curriculum for different sectors of society and yet we are sovereign.

Our media speaks the language and portrays the culture of west and is being run on west policies and dictation and yet we are sovereign.

Our judiciary makes decision based on influence and money and don’t provide justice to common man and yet we are sovereign.

Our intelligence and armed forces choose their own paths and do whatever they want and yet we are sovereign.

The fact is from very 1st day our minds get hijacked by the forces working against us who never want us to be free, who never want us to be out of slavery and who for their vested interests let us suffer. We need to make each sector of our country sovereign and free from external pressures and only then we can have a sovereign and free land where we can live life as per our own choice.


About the Author: Asad Ur Rehman is a HR Professional , Blogger and a Social Activist.

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