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Mainstreaming anti-Muslim hate

By News Desk
December 20 2015


The Counter-Jihad Movement: Anti-Muslim hatred from the margins to the mainstream is a new report from HOPE not hate, chronicling the individuals and networks dedicated to anti-Muslim hatred and prejudice.

It is the most comprehensive and detailed report into the international ‘Counter-Jihad’ (anti-Muslim) movement ever produced, profiling 920 organisations & individuals across 22 countries.

The report explores the connections between politicians, bloggers, street activists and funders in the widespread ‘counter-jihad’ arena.

In a series of essays at the beginning of this report, we explore the emerging trends and issues that are driving organised anti-Muslim hatred.

The report has been produced to raise awareness of the new face of the far right, which has for too long been ignored and its threat not understood.

Counter-jihadism, and the cultural war it is engaging in, will become a growing threat across Europe and North America over the next few years.

This 180-page report will be part of an on-going focus of HOPE not hate’s work:

  • We will produce a regular e-newsletter, highlighting the latest developments and trends in this broad movement
  • Plus further in-depth reports
  • As well as a community organising programme to support & work alongside local Muslim communities and anti-racist groups in dealing with organised anti-Muslim hatred.

The report can be accessed here

Originally published by Hope Not Hate

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