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The Samosa is a unique and innovative platform which seeks to facilitate creative cooperation between Britain, Pakistan and the Diaspora. We transcend the passive realm of online comment, bringing opinion together with hard political fact, taking the dialogue through to the projects and the people who are critical in the debate surrounding identity politics, multiculturalism, human rights and development.

The site itself features sophisticated political reporting and intelligent commentary from journalists, professionals, political commentators and thought-leaders and committed activists from around the world, as well as from the new media agencies with whom we share strong links, on these key issues.

We employ a multidimensional, collaborative approach to our work, both in the realm of media and broadcasting, and in development and think-tank related projects. This has been most been most keenly demonstrated through our creative partnership with the Royal Society of the Arts.

The Samosa is a not-for-profit social enterprise and all income generated and grants raised will be invested in content and operations and growing of the company. Full accounts of all trading and business activity will be published annually and all grants, trust, sponsorship or any other funding declared. The Samosa will not accept any funding that is politically driven or connected to lobbyists of any kind.

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