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Video: Holocaust survivors speak out

24th January 2012

The film Two Survivors was made with footage shot a few years ago for one of UAF’s predecessor organisations, the Anti Nazi League. It features testimony from two survivors of the Holocaust, Leon Greenman and Esther Brunstein.

The film was produced and directed by Red Saunders, one of the founders of Rock Against Racism, to tell young people about the Holocaust, after statistics appeared in the UK press showing a worrying lack of knowledge about it among the student population.

Holocaust Memorial Day
UAF supporters will be joining events around the country for Holocaust Memorial Day on Friday 27 January. We believe it is important to remember the reality of what it means when fascists take power – so we can redouble our efforts to drive back the fascists today.

Two Survivors from Roland Denning on Vimeo.

Originally published by UAF

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