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Stargazing in Lahore

By Saira Niazi
February 18th 2012

Saira Niazi, a British Pakistani based in Lahore, shares her beautiful photography capturing the life, culture and colour of the beautiful city with the Samosa.

An artist sketching at Jahangir's tomb

Children reciting the Qu'ran at Wazir Khan Masjid

A man selling crisps and balloons at Shalimar Gardens

Women in pink gathering spinach on the outskirts of Lahore

A busy market just off Grand Trunk road

Shalimar Gardens in the evening light

Saira Niazi: In her work she is mainly interested in conveying a sense of shared humanity of all people. She has explored this through a number of mediums including film, art, photography and writing. In the past she ha had her photographs exhibited in a number of locations including Goldsmiths, University of London, the Candid Gallery and Factory 41. Sheis also very interested in writing and has recently completed her second novel, This Restless Soul. She is currently based in Pakistan where she is working on a number of projects including her latest photography project, ‘Stargazing in Lahore’.

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