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Immigration: Miliband shouldn’t pander to the right’s fantasies

By Dave Osler
June 22 2012




I remember home secretary David Blunkett chanelling Thatcher with his denunciation of asylum seekers ‘swamping’ British schools, and I remember self-professed veteran anti-racist Phil Woolas demanding tougher immigration controls. Boy, did those guys pull the wool over my eyes!

While ministers posed publicly as decently white racist riders on the Clapham omnibus, they were all the while dissing the plebs in Rochdale when they thought the microphone was switched off.

Not until the 2009 revelations from former Blair speechwriter Andrew Neather could any of us have guessed that New Labour was actually engaged in a clandestine plot to flood this country with foreigners.

Millions of people, Neather told us, were encouraged to enter Britain simply so that the government could ‘rub the right’s nose in diversity’. Cultural Marxism just doesn’t get more devious than that, right?

Neather’s unanswerable case was made on the basis of having caught sight of a draft report nine years earlier, highlighting if nothing else the chap’s monumental powers of recollection. That has to be proof enough for anybody.

None of this made it into the public version, of course, but that just underlines New Labour’s despicable sneakiness in this whole business.

Predictably, the hard right was not up for having its nose rubbed. Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the Migrationwatch think tank – that’s their designation, not mine –popped up in the Daily Telegraph to brand the whole thing a ‘conspiracy’ undertaken for ‘cynical political reasons’.

Over at the Daily Mail, Melanie Phillips delivered an equally damning judgement. Labour’s stance was ‘an attempt to change the very make up of this country without telling the electorate’, a ‘secret policy of deliberate national sabotage’, ‘elitist arrogance’, ‘an unalloyed act of treachery to the entire nation’.

Maybe it was all an awful lot of effort just to ensure an unlimited supply of nannies for north London yummy mummies, but hey, it paid off in the end.

All of which brings me to Ed Miliband’s speech today, in which he effectively concedes to the deranged misrepresentations of Sir Andrew and Ms Melanie.

Of course immigration is an issue among Labour voters, as anyone who canvasses for the party will be only to well aware. But the way to defuse it is not to denounce the Coalition for being insufficiently tough.

If immigration is placing strains on the housing supply, build more housing. If it undercutting wages – and the case isn’t proven – increase the minimum wage.

There are many things for which New Labour should be apologising to the electorate. But allowing more Polish people to live here is hardly one of them.

Originally published by Liberal Conspiracy

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