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The English Democrats are fair game

By Nick Lowles
January 17 2013




HOPE not hate’s expose last night that English Democrat leader Robin Tillbrook attended a meeting of racists and Nazis over the weekend is final proof, if proof was needed, why his party is firmly in our sights. By attending a meeting with former and violent EDL supporters and the leaders of Britain First with the aim of establishing a new racist street movement, Tillbrook has pushed his party into the realms of Britain’s far right.

The English Democrats constantly try to refute any allegations of extremism and its supporters regularly bombard us with protests when we have written about them in the past. This is despite them doing a deal with Mark Cotterill and the England First Party for the 2009 European Elections. This is despite the fact that 43% of their candidates in last May’s local elections had until recently been in the British National Party.

But this recent development marks a new low for the English Democrats and one that we will be making sure voters know ahead of this May’s County Council elections.

In the meantime we are aware that a number of current or former English Democrat members are deeply unhappy with the party’s new alliances with racists and nazis so we would welcome them to contact us. You can email me at, confidentiality will be assured.

Originally published by Hope not Hate

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