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Nabila Sharm Story: A victim of child abuse

By Emb Hashmi
January 31 2013





Nabila Sharma a beautiful young woman, has taken the brave step to tell the world about her horrific abuse as a child, where her innocence was brutally taken away from her from a paedophile disguised as her imam at the local mosque she was made to go to.

Nabila Sharma is of course not the authors real name, as she fears of reprisal from her community who tend to bury topics such as child abuse than take action and Nabila feels she needs to protect her identity, to feel safe and have the confidence to live a normal life.

Nabila was a young girl who as tradition dictated went to mosque after school as many young children of her culture did, not able to predict that instead of being taught the words of the Quran by a trusted Imam she would instead be physically and mentally abused by him.

It is only when Nabila grew older that she had the strength to do something to help her with her abuse, at 19 years old she had the courage to tell someone about what she had experienced.

“The first person I told about my abuse was when I was 19 years old and my first boyfriend.” Nabila said.

Nabila had to have professional mental help to try and understand and overcome her abuse, she said, “I went to counselling 2 years ago and went for 12 months.” However like many thousands like her no amount of counselling can completely wipe out that sort of horrific abuse, she went on to say “no never got over it I’ve learnt to live with it now, it will never ever go away.”

This brave young author has entered the positive world of books through her negative life experiences, some that she will never be able to erase, especially as her abuser roams free, leaving him to continue to abuse, Nabila is on the hunt for the predator, “the last time I saw him was a week after I finished my therapy which was 3 years ago.” Nabila wants to bring her abuser to justice and is doing all she can to locate him, she wants the world to now just read about her tragic story but to know that justice can prevail, and open the doors for others to stand up and tell their story. She said “Yes there will be concluding book when he is caught and justice is done.”

Even though Nabila went through this abuse by a man, it did not put her off all men, and she hopes to get married and have children, like any other young woman, she said “yes planning to get married next year and start a family straight away, that was one of the reason in going to therapy and writing Brutal I finally had to put a end to it. For the sake of my future and my family.”

Even though Nabila is willing to close that chapter in her life for the sake of her family, the whole ordeal has put her off ever sending her children to a mosque or leaving them with an Imam, “no my children will not go to mosque they will learn about their religion and iman but never attend one ever.”

Nabila does not want anyone else suffer in silence like she has done, and so as well as her book she has her own FaceBook site dedicate to Brutal and her own help network for all those wanting help and advice


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