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McDonald’s backs down

By News Desk
April 7 2013




A few months ago, McDonald’s launched a huge campaign for breakfast using television, radio, outdoor, andprint advertising along with promoting the campaign through their website with the tagline “Duniya ka sub say behtareen breakfast”, “McDonald’s offers world’s best breakfast” and “The world’s best has arrived”. Syma Ahmed, Assistant Professor of Marketing at School of Management, Forman Christian College, was deeply irked by the campaign’s tag line. Syma is a champion of ethical marketing and the malpractices of big multinational corporations like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, especially in developing countries, disturb her a great deal.

According to Syma Ahmed, “Coca-Cola and McDonald’s sell their products with calorie counters in the developed world. Coca-Cola just launched an anti-obesity campaign in the USA after various lawsuits and pressure from politicians and consumers. In Pakistan, McDonald’s refers to its breakfast as the world’s best! It’s a false claim with an intention to mislead consumers.”

The School of Management hosted its first Executive Dinner in January 2013 and Syma Ahmed met Dr Joseph Wilson, Member of the Competition Commission of Pakistan. They talked about the deceptive marketing by McDonald’s by claiming to be the world’s best breakfast. The Commission took notice of the issue and advised McDonald’s accordingly. McDonald’s management complied by taking steps to remove the tagline from all the advertising material.

An elated Syma Ahmed says that, “It is a great moment for ethical marketing in Pakistan. Congratulations to Dr Joseph Wilson and McDonald’s Management on taking action to promote ethics in Marketing in Pakistan. This is a living testament to the fact that a voice of reason can do a lot in Pakistan with the right support. Dr Wilson represents what is good about this country – it’s people, and their willingness to change things for the better.” She feels that such stories should be talked about to give hope to people and for corporations to remember their responsibility towards consumers.

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