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One Sheffield Many Cultures

By News Desk
June 14 2013





EDL leader Tommy Robinson thought he was coming to teach us a lesson. Instead the people of Sheffield taught him a lesson – we will not allow your racist thugs to divide us.

On Saturday 8 June around 2000 Sheffielders outnumbered the EDL by four to one. The fascists failed in their attempt to whip up race hate in the city by shamefully trying to exploit the death of soldier Lee Rigby.

The 500 people who came together last week to stop the EDL spreading their poisonous message had meant it was possible to unite many more people from across Sheffield this time.

Sheffield Unite Against Fascism participated in and supported a One Sheffield Many Cultures celebration in the Peace Gardens which united a broad alliance representing the overwhelming majority of the city.

The rally which launched the day was addressed by Paul Blomfield MP, Cllr Julie DoreLeader of the Council, Linda McAvan MEP, Bishop Steven Croft, Abdool Gooljar Islamic Society of Britain and chaired by John Campbell on behalf of One Sheffield Many Cultures. There were other speakers from Sheffield Unite Against Fascism, LMHR, City of Sanctuary and different faith groups. It was also supported by Yorkshire & Humber TUC.

Throughout the day the EDL revealed their real agenda. The EDL chants included, “Allah is a paedo” and threats to burn down mosques.

We are also receiving many reports and video footage of obscene racist and sexist abuse by groups of EDL supporters. We will be urging the police to prosecute the individuals responsible.

After the EDL left the Cenotaph in Barkers Pool, hundreds of people reclaimed the square in a sober and dignified display of anti racist unity. Peace banners were left attached to the cenotaph.

The One Sheffield Many Cultures festival in the Peace Gardens was packed with hundreds of people who continued celebrating their pride in Sheffield’s diversity until about 8pm.

Originally published by UAF

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