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Hindu goddesses in ads

By Sunny Hundal
September 8 2013




More than 68% of women in India are victims of domestic violence – which is extraordinary for a country that claims to revere women and put them on a pedestal.

In fact, Indian culture features a variety of strong female goddesses that project power and strength (Durga, Kali) and others that bring knowledge (Saraswati) or prosperity (Lakshmi). It’s often asked that if there are such strong women characters in Hindu mythology and culture, why is violence against women so endemic? (I discuss this in my book btw).

Of course, domestic violence isn’t a problem just in India. In the UK around a quarterof women will be a victim of domestic violence in their lifetime, while one incident of domestic violence is reported to the police every minute.

Now, the NGO Save the Children in India is turning this on its head.

A new campaign called Save Our Sisters urges men and women to act if they see domestic violence before its too late.

Figures published last week said that one woman dies every hour in India because of dowry-related crimes (dowry is usually paid at marriage).



The images feature three bruised Hindu goddesses: Saraswati, Durga and Lakshmi.




It says: “Pray that we never see this day. Today more than 68% of women in India are victims of domestic violence. Tomorrow it seems like no woman shall be spared. Not even the ones we pray to”

The campaign was created by blending traditional hand-painted Indian art, using real models by Mumbai’s Taproot India advertising agency. It has already won multiple awards at ad festivals. (via Scoop Whoop)

Originally published by Liberal Conspiracy 

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