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Faisalabad leads Social Responsibility

By  Imran Rana
23 September 2013




The business and social elite of Faisalabad, the country’s third-largest city, beat the other metropolises of the country in terms of financing development and welfare projects, which helps them in not only beautifying the city but also solving the problems of the downtrodden population.

The industrialists of the textile hub have spent millions of rupees on development and welfare projects for the betterment of the people and seem keen fulfilling their corporate social responsibility.

Gigantic sums were invested in various projects to renovate the city including Amtex Square by Amtex Textile Mills, Chenab Square by the Chenab Group of Industries and MSC Square by the MSC Textile Mills, in addition to promoting plantation.

Chenab Group of Industries Faisalabad is providing free treatment at Allied Hospital to poor patients who cannot afford treatment. The Chenab Group Chief Executive Officer Mian Latif told The Express Tribune that they were investing to provide free medical assistance and medicines to the poor patients. He said that he had spent millions of rupees on Chenab Square to make the entrance to city beautiful. He appreciated the role of local industrialists for financing development projects.

The trend to invest in beautification projects is continuing in full steam and many industrialists had joined hands for different projects.

In the same spirit, many millers are taking on the responsibility of maintaining public schools located in their areas where they are providing free education to the students along with uniforms, computer systems to improve the quality of education and labs apart from bearing the salaries of the school staff.

The association of young industrialists, Faisalabad Development Trust is also well known in the city and has taken on the responsibility of constructing free housing societies for widows, orphans and the less-privileged.

Liver Centre Faisalabad, an institution built to treat hepatitis, is also providing free treatment to the poor and they do not charge a penny from the patients for medical expenses, said Ashfaq Ahmad, founder trustee and CEO of Ashfaq Textile Mills Faisalabad. The first Thalassemia Centre in Pakistan was also constructed by local industrialists.

The industrialists are standing by to extend monetary help and technical assistance for the up-gradation of the city and to change the lifestyle of the people. The up-gradation plan includes the renovation of the airport runway, buildings and link roads.

The total investment for renovating the airport is Rs1.2 billion, and the industrialists will provide almost Rs500 million, according to Sadaqat Limited Chief Executive Officer Sheikh Khurram. He also took the responsibility of public schools in the vicinity of his company.

He told The Express Tribune that local industrialists and businessmen will also contribute to complete the up-gradation of Faisalabad airport tobring it at par with international standards.

Khurram said, “Faisalabad was a textile hub where hundreds of mills operated and we are happy to say that we know about our social and moral responsibilities.”

Madina Group of Industries offered a mass marriages programme where hundreds of weddings take place every year. Madina Teaching Hospital is also providing a free medical facility to the poor under the flagship of Madina Foundation, said Mian Hanif, CEO of Madina Group of Industries Faisalabad.

Originally published by Tribune Pakistan


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