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UK:Anti-Muslim murderer jailed

By Nick Lowles
October 29 2013




Motivated by a disturbing fantasy of Muslims ‘taking over’ and idealising killers such as Anders Breivik, Ukranian student Pavlo Lapshyn was today sentenced for a minimum of 40 years years for the appalling murder of a Muslim grandfather, Mohammed Saleem, in Birmingham and the bombing of three mosques in the West Midlands earlier this year.

HOPE not hate’s thoughts and prayers are with the family of Mr Saleem and we are pleased that justice has been done for them and the wider community in the West Midlands.

“Like Anders Breivik, and many English Defence League and other supporters of the anti-Muslim “Counter Jihad” movement, Pavlo Lapshyn shared in a disturbing fantasy that Muslims are taking over Europe – and only indiscriminate violence designed to provoke a backlash, can be the solution,” said HOPE not hate chief executive, Nick Lowles.

“Self-radicalised on the internet and inspired by neo-Nazi ideologues – murderers such as Lapshyn are the new face of terror attempting to influence communities across Europe today. We have seen the nihilistic hurt and pain they cause right back to David Copeland, the London nailbomber, in 1999.

“The pathetic irony of such killers is that they face far more in common with each other, whether Muslim, far-right or other extremist, than any members of their supposed communities. We must not let such sick and twisted fantasies as they share take hold within our communities.”

“Meanwhile, we hope that some sections of the media which sought to heavily downplay the effects of anti-Muslim hatred during the backlash following the abhorrent murder of Lee Rigby will now reflect keenly on their reporting in the light of today’s sentencing,” he said.

HOPE not hate has consistently exposed the workings of the Counter-Jihad movement, successfully lobbying the Home Secretary to ban the movement’s two key ideologues, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, from entering the UK earlier this summer. It has also exposed the activities of neo-Nazi movements and leaders in the UK and overseas.

For more information on HOPE not hate’s work on the international Counter-Jihad movement please visit

Originally published by Hope Not Hate


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