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Pakistan: Talent has no boundaries

By Asad Ur Rehman
February 18 2014




Talent has no boundaries, no limits and no restrictions. It isn’t age, culture, sex or race bound. It is Allah’s gift with which every human being has been bestowed but the nature of talent varies from person to person. Some people are good in studies and some in sports, some in music and some in poetry, some in reading and some in writing, some in physics and some in chemistry and list goes on.

Like all other countries, Pakistan has been bestowed by huge amount of talent. On global intelligence survey, Pakistan ranks 4th. Our cities, villages, towns are full of talented and intelligent people. We have number of examples of talented people who have made their mark on international arena. These include Quaid-e-Azam, Jahangir Khan, Dr. Abdus Salam, Arfa Kareem, Imran Khan, Sharmeen Obaid and many more. All these people brightened Pakistan’s name in International arena. But over last couple of decades, due to militancy, extremism and poor economy our people didn’t get much chance to showcase their abilities. On international arena, Pakistanis were labelled as terrorist and extremist. They were victimized on the basis of their nationality.

We through (under development) are trying to provide talented Pakistanis a platform through which they can show their talent to the world. People can upload videos of their specialties or alternatively they can upload photographs or write blogs. Moreover we are also trying to reach those people who don’t have technology access but their abilities need to be shown to the world. We feel that there should be one integrated platform for all Pakistanis where whole world can have a glance of what we are capable of. This platform is not only an effort to provide a platform to Pakistanis but also will serve as an ambassador for international community and a promoter of Pakistani traditions and culture.


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