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Ministry of Cake Brexit fears

By Adam Barnett

March 13 2017

Ministry of Cake voices food industry’s Brexit fears

Theresa May wants to have her Brexit cake and eat it. How’s that going?

Back in January, May was asked at PMQs whether Somerset-based dessert company Ministry of Cake’s deal to be consumed by French rival Mademoiselle Desserts

“demonstrates confidence in our economy, in that a European company has bought into it, that is demonstrates that we can unlock global trade and it demonstrates that the South West is a terrific place to do business.”

Our Brexiteer PM agreed, saying the deal showed there was confidence in ‘the future of our economy, the fundamental strengths of our economy’.

But as the Financial Times reports today, Ministry of Cake’s managing director Chris Ormrod says his business faces being ‘decimated’ by May’s crackdown on unskilled EU workers.

He adds things will only get worse:

“It’s a concern for the wider food industry, which has always used an element of foreign workers to fill the vacancies.”

Read the whole thing in the Financial Times. 

British workers (who don’t want or can’t do the job) for British cakes (which people can’t afford to buy)!

Originally published by Left Foot Forward 

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